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day 175: butterbeer!

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Illustration by Hailey Mae Samuels, lettering by me.

Illustration by Hailey Mae Samuels, lettering by me.

Something a little out of the ordinary for today's late night lettering! This was a collaborative effort with Hailey Mae Samuels, whom I met through Instagram a few months ago. I thought it'd be super fun to collaborate since she does some awesome sketches/illustrations. Sure enough, I loved her butterbeer sketch which she emailed over about a week ago! Apparently we are both big Harry Potter fans. (In fact, I actually own this butterbeer mug... thank you Universal Studios)

To be honest, I was a little nervous about lettering on it because I wanted to not only match/convey the feel of butterbeer with my lettering but also match her illustration style as well. Pretty satisfied with what I came up with (after a few terrible ideas and sketches), although figuring out how to lay out the drink name and ingredients was trickier than I thought it'd be! Lots of Photoshop rearranging magic once I scanned everything in :) This piece is magical in multiple ways...

I realize this is the first non-alcoholic drink in my cocktail series (though I did say at the beginning I might do some mocktails), BUT remember -- house-elves can get drunk off of this stuff. So drink responsibly, all you house-elves out there.