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day 166: the classic cocktail

365 projectJoanne Shih2 Comments

A whisky enthusiast found me on Instagram sometime last week and requested a couple whisky cocktails -- I had actually been planning on doing an Old Fashioned anyhow since it's a classic, but it was cool to do a request (he had a specific ingredient list that he wanted, which I used here). Hope he likes it!

The hardest part once I was satisfied with the layout of the name & illustrations was definitely blending the watercolor for the bourbon and the actual drink. Turns out amber/reddish-gold is a color that I do not know how to create! I messed around with it for a while but figured it was only a matter of time before I ruined it even more, so I'm leaving it at this. Maybe I'll figure out the secret another day!

Actually, another hard part (pre-painting) was drawing the ice cube in the glass. Like... I can draw an ice cube outside a glass. But once it's IN there, apparently it's 10x harder? Good drawing practice, I suppose...