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day 129: dabbling with a pointed pen

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Hosea 14:5 (NIV). 

Hosea 14:5 (NIV). 

I've been toying with the idea of getting into some calligraphy in addition to my hand lettering, so I picked up a Speedball pen+flexible nib while I was in California. Tried it out for the first time last night. Shaky! The nib that came with the pen is a really fine/delicate one, so it kept snagging on the scrap paper I used. Also, I may or may not have already ruined it (the nib) because one of the tines is a little bent T_T Oh well, I should probably get a thicker one anyway...

While I was in Tahoe, I spent some time Googling flower quotes and compiling them in a note on my iPhone so I could refer to that for ideas/inspiration when taking photos (and to save time each day so I'm not Googling every single day for a nice quote...). But this one was actually inspired the other way around -- these lilies caught my eye on the way to dinner yesterday, so I snapped some shots of them and then looked up lily-inspired quotes after. I really liked this one from Hosea! Was too tired to Photoshop and deal with making it fit in the photo, so decided to hack it by just taking a photo of the photo on my phone. Whatever works, right?