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day 116: egg...

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This... was a little weird to letter.

This... was a little weird to letter.

Thanks to Koo Chung for posting a photo on Instagram that I just had to letter on... because I'm soooo mature. The husband was a little taken aback when he saw my piece of scratch paper with this word doodled all over it.

BUT! I will have you know that, according to Eggslut (which is where this photo was taken), a slut is: 

"a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar and served with toasty crostini"

Which sounds freakin' delicious! Get in mah belly! Maybe we'll try it soon -- we'll actually be in LA this weekend for a friend's wedding, followed by a whole week on that coast (mostly Tahoe after LA). Yay summer travels!

Yay (egg)sluts.