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day 104: kimbap!

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Thanks to my friend Koo Chung for this beautiful photo of kimbap! For the uninitiated, kimbap (or gimbap) is a Korean dish, sort of like sushi but, instead of using rice vinegar for the rice, uses sesame oil! It's yummyyyy and great for picnics and warm weather. And at weddings, which is where this photo was taken!

We are off to the city that never sleeps this afternoon for a short vacation (through Monday morning). We haven't been in NYC since October so I'm excited to visit again and meet up with our New York friends. As usual when I travel, I'll be bringing my pens and notebook but probably won't be doing any Photoshop magics or blogging while I'm away. So follow me over on Instagram

Happy Thursday and have a great weekend everyone! Join in on my food-filled month by sending your food photos to hello[at]