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day 68: hope

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day 68 spark.JPG

Unrelated to above lettering: I started Mary Kate McDevitt's lettering class on Skillshare today! I'm excited to devote more time to improving my lettering skills :) I read something the other day (I don't remember where now..) that went something like this: Casual practice leads to casual results. Serious practice leads to serious results. (sounds like something I should have lettered during my daily reminders month)

It's pretty clear when I'm just casually practicing / half-assing stuff versus actually trying to practice / get better. Now that I'm funemployed I have no excuse to just casually practice!

However, please disregard what I just said when you see the next one I'm posting (to make up for the day I skipped on Monday).

Song: "Last Hope" by Paramore