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day 77: at last

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at last - jshih

A bit earlier this month, my friend Bina suggested I letter a lyric from this song. Being the sappy romantic that I am, I was more than happy to do so! Potential print gift for newlyweds or your significant other?

I thought I would experiment with a patterned background, but to be honest I'm not sure how well it works with the text. I think it'd be good for something else (like a fun card or invitation or something), but I'm posting it anyway! If I end up turning this into a print, I would probably mess around with the background / change it entirely.

Below are some process shots as well as my inspiration for the background. My mom made these Temari balls (a Japanese art/craft) as a hobby when I was growing up and I always loved looking at them. During my last trip home to Texas, I packed some of my favorites to have here at our place in Boston as a beautiful, tangible memory of her.

...I just did a Google image search for Temari balls, and GOODNESS GRACIOUS my mom could have made a killing on Etsy selling these! I saw one (the same one that I used for inspiration, actually) that is selling for $60. Gah. 

Song - "At Last" made famous by Etta James in the 1960s but originally written 20 years prior