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day 71: we belong to you and me

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how deep is your love - jshih

So today I decided to start another one of the Skillshare classes I put on my list -- Get Stuff Done Like a Boss (seriously that is what it is called). I figure if ever there's a time to learn how to use my time most efficiently and organize my life, it's probably now, when I have lots of unmanaged time on my hands. Anyways, there was a diagnostic test at the beginning with a bunch of questions regarding my current organizational / time-management skills. Here were my results!

Is my whole life just one big problem area?

Is my whole life just one big problem area?

Just a tiny bit alarming. Good thing I'm taking the class, right? (Although upon looking at the test questions again, I feel like it's pretty hard not to get at least a 2 ("not so good") for each category. I see what they did there... still, 2 DANGER!'s can't be a good sign.)

Anyway today's lettering is from one of our favorite Bee Gees songs, "How Deep Is Your Love". We may or may not record a cover of it soon! The lettering sort of took a life on its own, I initially had just planned to do "'cause we're living in a world of fools" but then it kinda just kept going...