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day 34: unplug

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day 34 unplug

While I was in Napa Valley, I picked up this super cute chalkboard sign for our home. I figured we could have it be a constantly changing board of short reminders / fun encouragements hanging on one of our walls! Unfortunately, the last few days we have been searching our place unsuccessfully for the box of chalk we bought shortly before the wedding. (I went on a chalkboard signage making spree the week leading up to it so we have both chalkboard markers & regular chalk... somewhere in the apartment.)

Hopefully it turns up. But in the meantime here's my fake chalkboard writing. I don't like the way the lighting in our studio shows up in photos (especially iPhone photos) so I decided to just desaturate the whole thing.

So the internet went out at work today for about an hour (which is a pretty big deal since.. we are a digital agency), which inspired today's daily reminder! Always good to unplug from the Interwebz once in a while / regularly. It's definitely something I need to do more often.

By the way, I made sure to get breakfast this morning when I got to the office. My reminder worked! If nothing else, I guess this month's series will get my life back in order, assuming I think of relevant reminders each day...