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inspiration friday: favorite 365 projects

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I thought it'd be fun to have a weekly post where I share things I've come across the web that inspire me! For this first round, here are some of the projects that inspired me to start my own 365 journey:

Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap - Jessica Hische is awesome. This project of hers, where she made a cool drop cap (individual capital letters) each day, initially started back in 2009 so it's pretty well-known. One of these days (hopefully sooner rather than later) I'll complete her Skillshare class that I enrolled in a few months ago and make my own drop cap!

Chelsea Barrett's 365 Wanderer Project - This is probably the one that inspired me the most to start my own lettering project. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I've been following Barrett's Instagram account for a good chunk of her 365 days of lettering/design (it recently wrapped up at the end of February). I love how she was able to collaborate with photographers to combine with her beautiful handwriting!

Lisa Congdon's 365 Days of Hand Lettering - Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon did this project back in 2012. I remember coming across it several times when I was looking for lettering inspiration online, and I always thought to myself, "I should do something like this!" You can read her initial entry about the project here. Side note, I just learned from her About page that she didn't start doing art stuff until she was in her 30's, and she's mostly self-taught. So encouraging for people like me! (But then, there are hordes of 18 year old design whizzes as well..)

The Year of Lettering by Kelly Cummings - Similar to (and, I believe, inspired by) Congdon's 365 project. Cummings is a wedding photographer who wanted to get more into calligraphy and lettering so she undertook a year of doing it every day. I like that she posts a bunch of resources on her blog! I hadn't been following her project very closely but now that I've re-found her site, I'm definitely going to check out more of her stuff as well as the resources she shared (note: they're more focused on calligraphy).


Sabrina Smelko's 365 Days of Type - I actually didn't know about this one until a few days ago, when a co-worker shared it with me after she saw my blog! It's pretty cool and worth checking out -- instead of letters, Smelko designed a different number every day of 2013. So basically the numerical version of Jessica Hische's project. Maybe I should do letters & numbers for one of my months...

Lorraine Loots' Paintings for Ants - Another 365 project that I came across recently. (Not a lettering one, although it looks like she has nice handwriting...) Loots started making tiny daily paintings (hence the name) at the beginning of 2013. I think she's continued the project into 2014 with Postcards for Ants! What a cute idea, not to mention what a challenge it must be to paint such miniature pieces. Also, Lorraine Loots is a really fun name.

Hopefully this post inspires other budding letterers and artists out there who want to start a 365 project! Are there other awesome 365 projects that I should check out and add to this list? Let me know in the comments!