joanne shih

lettering, illustration, design

About Joanne


I'm a Boston-based (but Texan-at-heart) gal with a passion and curiosity for lettering, illustration, and graphic design. While I would say my first experience with design was back in high school when I churned out custom Xanga layouts and banners (for both myself and my friends -- SO cool), my love for design and lettering stayed fairly dormant until post-college.

Amidst career path confusion and your typical quarter-life-crisis angst, I found myself spending lots of time looking at design blogs, particularly those of letterers and calligraphers, and started doodling and lettering more in random sketchbooks. 

Things really got jumpstarted in 2013 upon getting engaged to my now-husband Jon. I decided to take it upon myself to design and make all the things: the invitations, programs, menus, signage, even custom postage stamps for the invites. While there were a few moments (okay, weeks) of regret and grief at this decision, I loved creating every piece for our wedding.

Fast forward to May of 2014, I decided to quit my full-time job in marketing analytics and pursue this creative life 24/7.  In addition to my very first 365 lettering project, I took on all sorts of small lettering and design jobs for friends and family (and eventually, strangers :) ), opened up an Etsy store in September 2014, and explored what it meant to be my own boss (spoiler alert: it's hard. What is this time management concept you speak of?).

It's been a fulfilling journey so far with more ups and downs than I'd expected, but the knowledge that this is just the beginning keeps me both grounded and excited for what's to come!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to get in touch if you'd like to talk about any projects or collaborations, or just want to say hi!